With FOR Leano, we have created an unmistakable ceramic series through a synergy of soft surfaces and filigree edges. Clearly recognizable: Tap ledge and washbasin bowl are connected with a characteristic shape transition.

This creates a design feature that unites the elements of the series into a cohesive program.consistent programme.

Awarded Design:
iF Design Award

Accompanied by an extensive collection of faucets, accessories and furniture for various applications and room sizes, Leano offers seamless solutions for any bathroom.

As a consistent continuation of the ceramic series, we designed the faucets with a soft cubic design, accentuated by the precise lines of the handle levers. Eye catching highlight of the series is the wall-mounted faucet: both aesthetically and technically innovative, we merged the handle lever and spout into a single product.

One family: Leano was developed as the most comprehensive series of the new FOR brand and is therefore part of a holistic series portfolio and brand image.


Inspired by the shape of the pebble, we have developed an overall programme for the bathroom with Odivis. Our idea: to make sensuality tangible.

Elementary for a bathroom collection is a common theme. By introducing the organic contour, we have created a foundational shape that aesthetically unites the design of all ceramic elements.

Awarded Design:
iF Design Award

Soft and flowing forms speak of elegance and plasticity. At the same time, the minimalist and linear furniture range provides an exciting counterpoint and creates a stage for the sculptural washbasins with a diversity of colours and surfaces.

The Odivis ceramic and furniture programme impresses with the variety of solutions – from the compact guest bathroom to the expansive double washbasin – and at the same time with the consistency of the design language and attention to detail.

We developed exceptionally flat and precise geometries thanks to a technically challenging use of fine ceramics. This allows us to emphasise the quality and materiality of ceramic.


With Scala, we reshape the washbasin: the drainage becomes part of the tap ledge. This comes along with functional growth and a completely unique look. The form shapes the name. Cubic volumes are built in steps, reflecting and intersecting with each other, down to the delicate edges. For precise design, we work with mineral casting in this washbasin and furniture collection.

Above the drainage, soap dispensers or dishes are integrated into the tap ledge. Models with an extended tap ledge, reaching beyond the basin, offer even more space for accessories and towels. A common feature of all models: the offset siphon allows free space beneath the basin.