With FOR Leano, we have created an unmistakable ceramic series through a synergy of soft surfaces and filigree edges. Clearly recognizable: Tap ledge and washbasin bowl are connected with a characteristic shape transition.

This creates a design feature that unites the elements of the series into a cohesive program.consistent programme.

Awarded Design:
iF Design Award

Accompanied by an extensive collection of faucets, accessories and furniture for various applications and room sizes, Leano offers seamless solutions for any bathroom.

As a consistent continuation of the ceramic series, we designed the faucets with a soft cubic design, accentuated by the precise lines of the handle levers. Eye catching highlight of the series is the wall-mounted faucet: both aesthetically and technically innovative, we merged the handle lever and spout into a single product.

One family: Leano was developed as the most comprehensive series of the new FOR brand and is therefore part of a holistic series portfolio and brand image.