Dynamic and versatile: Rare qualities in e-cargo bikes. Not the case with the Kettler Cargoline models. Their front cargo area adjusts to individual uses thanks to modular setups: Children or loads travel safely and steadily. And the cockpit is adaptable as well. Its intelligent adjustment kinematics respond to the ergonomic characteristics of the riders.

Awarded Design:
Red Dot Design Award, Eurobike Award, Design & Innovation Award

A technical innovation is the exceptional front wheel suspension. We have mounted the hub steering with a spring, which allows not only for a radically horizontal design language but also for a lot of driving dynamics.

The Kettler Cargobike comes in four basic models: with a cargo area of 600 or 800 mm and with or without rear wheel suspension.


Displays, ABS systems, handlebar remotes, motor covers, batteries: the extensive Bosch e-bike product family features on two out of every three e-bikes being ridden today. One thing is absolutely fundamental for a widespread extended family: a common history.

Awarded Design:
Red Dot Design Award, Eurobike Award, CES Innovation Award, Design & Innovation Award, iF Design Award

Intuitive and ergonomic: that’s what handlebar remotes and displays need to be. So here at Artefakt we’ve carried out numerous studies on the subject.

Our role as the lead design office? Defining the form. The design framework that we havedefined for the system’s components stipulates three criteria: it should articulate the function, underscore the commonalities and enhance Bosch’s brand image.

The design language expresses tension and movement, with markedly tapering surfaces and converging lines. The forms are clear and precise, complementing the most diverse e-bikes and communicating the character of the Bosch product family far and wide.