Elegance and dynamism: this is what the Odivis faucet series stands for, with its organic-sculptural design language that invites you to both look and touch.

Conical silhouettes and spanning surfaces constitute the formal foundational themes of the faucet program, thus bridging the connection to the ot ceramic series.

Awarded design:

iF Design Award

With sculptural shapes and clear lines, we have created a progressive appearance, emphasised by the innovative positioning of the handle at the transition from the base body to the spout.

Part of a whole: Odivis was designed as the premium series of the new FOR brand and is part of a holistic product portfolio and brand presence.

We conceived Odivis as part of a cohesive bathroom collection, featuring complementary furniture, accessories, and bathtubs. Our objective: a comprehensive bathroom design with striking highlights.


Making a confident statement in progressive bathrooms: VÉO brings together seemingly contrasting features, using a formal vocabulary that subtly unites organic and geometric elements.

The result is a smooth design accentuated by distinct edging on the handle and outflow. The inclusion of an integrated aerator underscores the sculptural character of the mixer and celebrates its pure form.

Awarded Design:
iF Award, Red Dot Design Award, German Design Award, Design Plus Award

Accessories are an integral part of the overall concept at VÉO rather than incidental extras – continuing the striking formal language, they enhance the entire series and transform it into a harmonious and distinctive collection.


The Viega Prevista product series is all about expressing the plurality of taste with a dash of verve. We have designed a range for Viega’s new pre-wall technology that accommodates various personal preferences and price points.

We developed Viega Prevista in our capacity as the lead design agency. The series includesflush plates forWCs and urinals, for private and public spaces, with mechanical, electronic, touchless or remote operation.

Awarded Design:
iF Award, Red Dot Design Award, Design Plus Award, German Design Award, Innovationspreis Architektur + Technik

Everything from easily combinable to polarising: The distinctive Prevista flush plates round off the design of every bathroom. Perhaps your eye is first caught by the materials we’ve sourced for the plates, such as rear-lacquered glass, veneered wood and fine stainless steel. And then you’re impressed by the touchless operation and digital aesthetics. One model celebrates complete reduction, while the next embraces a fluid design with an organic, sculptural knob.